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  • Kids & Adults – All sizes available
  • Can be worn all year round
  • Can be used to walk on the road
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Hire Boots + Mix & Match Add On’s

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Why do I need to Hire Wetsuit Boots?

Keeping your feet warm through the winter months is vital. You can’t surf with numb feet… At Croyde Surf Hire we Hire 5mm Wetsuit Boots as a minimum for adults and 3mm Boots minimum for kids. Our kids Hire boots even have zips to help with getting them on and off! Boots can be used to walk to the beach too.

Should I also Hire Wetsuit Gloves?

Through the absolute depths of Winter the answer is YES! Plus any thing else you can get your hands on to keep you warm. We recommend the use of Gloves from November – April. Our gloves are GBS (Glued and Blind-Stitched) making them warmer than standard flat lock alternatives.

When should I Hire the Wetsuit Hood?

From around November – April. Ice cream headache is not a pleasant experience. Hoods/skull caps are vital throughout the winter months. The water can drop to 8 degrees and the air temp to 0…. At this point, we hand out balaclavas!

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