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Little Pink Surf Shop – Kids Wetsuit Loyalty Scheme. Get 25% Back When You Trade In!

Trade Your Kids In Here!

Croyde Surf Shop – Wetsuit Trade-In – At The Little Pink Shop, we understand that your kids are growing fast! Keeping up with their changing sizes can be expensive and that’s why we have been running a wetsuit trade-in scheme for well over a decade. With this deal, you can trade in your child’s first C-Skins Element Kids Wetsuit and we will provide you with the next size at a discount.

How the trade in works

  1. Step 1: Initial Purchase – Let’s say you bought your first C-Skins Kids Wetsuit in 2020. The original purchase price of £49.95. Just bring that suit back to us with your proof of purchase (Receipt or Photo) and we’ll deduct 25% from that purchase and apply is as discount on your next suit!

Step 2: Continuing the Trade-In – The trade-in scheme continues year after year, even as your child grows into their first adult size. Each time you buy a full-length 3mm kids suit from us, you become eligible to Trade It in when your child outgrows it.

Get a fitted suit every year without breaking the bank!

Croyde Surf Shop – Wetsuit Trade-In – The kids wetsuit trade-in scheme at The Little Pink Shop offers a cost-effective way to accommodate your growing child’s needs. By taking advantage of this program, you can save money while ensuring your child has the right-sized wetsuit for their adventures in the water. Visit our Little Pink Surf Shop today to benefit from this fantastic opportunity.

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