Croyde Surf Cam Original started in the 90s! Steve would head to the beach early each morning with New Tec (A digital camera) and then head back to Croyde Surf Shop. Once back at the Pink Shop, he would painstakingly upload these photos to the website. ( Back then, this was hard to do! People loved his photos so much we’d have thousands of hits a day and many phone calls asking for weekly surf reports and more photos!

Croyde Surf Cam ‘The Office’

Croyde Surf Cam – Nick Lloyde

Nowadays, taking a photo of the surf and sharing it around the world is instantaneous. Our Surf Cam has taken a back seat for many years. These days we can enjoy incredible shots of Croyde from INSIDE the waves. Local Surfer Nick lloyde take a GoPro into the water and films himself and others in the barrel! Check them out below and Follow Nick Lloyd Here!

If you spot yourself surfing in one of Croyde Surf Cams images please let us know so that we can name you and make you famous! If you’d rather remain anonymous, well that’s fine too.

Photos curtsy of Nick Lloyd and Steve Thomas

Send Us Your Photos!

If you’d like to feature on our Instagram stories please tag us in your pics! Especially if you’re enjoying our Surf Hire equipment! We’ll try and make you famous!

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