1. How long is ‘One Day’ hire?

A day hire starts when the hire is collected (9am or after) from Croyde Surf Hire and must be returned to the shop by 5pm same day. Therefore, it is beneficial to collect your hire as close to our opening time as possible.

2. Can I swap my surfboard if i’m not getting on with it?

Yes! At Croyde Surf Shop you can swap boards anytime you like. We have hundreds to choose from.

3. Will I be refunded if I come back before my hire time is over?

No. All hire is non-refundable. Please only book the time slot you will use.

4. 24hr Hire, what time do I have to comeback?

24hr hire, is exactly that. Come back to the shop 24hrs after you collected your gear. If you collected at 10am on the 4th June, you will be due back at 10am on the 5th June. (This was an example only)

5. Can I book surf hire to collect and at the same time buy an item to be shipped to my address?

At the present time, this must be done in two separate transactions.

6. If I discover my Croyde Surf Hire gear is faulty, what should I do?

In the rare event your surfboard or wetsuit appear faulty you should stop using it straight away and call the shop on 01271890453. We will be able to assist you in swapping over the damaged item. Please check you are happy with all the items before you leave the shop. If we aren’t told the problem, we can’t help!

7. If i’m stuck in traffic or I have parked too far away from Croyde Surf Shop, am I able to be refunded?

This does not qualify a refund. Please come to the shop to collect your gear BEFORE you park! Please read the example below. Our postcode is EX331NP

An example of this would be ‘Hello, we’ve parked in Saunton Car park and now we are afraid that if we leave, we won’t get back in.. Can we have a refund please? Bad Traffic and busy car parks will not qualify for a refund. In this case we will hold the items for you until you can get to us. In severe instances a credit note may be issued at the managers discretion if the issues were non avoidable. Thank you for your understanding.

8. Which way is the city centre?

You’re kidding me…

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