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The most comprehensive Surf Hire on the Internet. The World Famous Little Pink Surf Shop in Croyde Bay is open all year round! The perfect location for Croyde Beach & the surrounding beaches. We provide only the Ultimate Surf Hire experience with only the best Surfboards including Torq! We’re also proud to be stockists of the Alder Pro2 Beginner Foamy. This can be booked from just £15.00 for the day!

Want some extra help? Choose the Tiki Grizzly 7’6 and 8’0, which are a great choice for anyone looking for a Beginner Softboard that has even more float and stability. These have a whooping 98 litres of volume! You can pre-book Tiki Grizzly Here.

Ready for a quality Hard Surfboard? Our most popular surfboards for the improvers are the Torq Surfboards. These are made of Epoxy material and offer superior float and paddle speed. Our most sought-after hire surfboard is the Torq 7’8 V+ with 64 litres of volume. Take a browse at our unique, premium surfboards too including the Channel Islands Chancho or the Circle One Razor!

Free Roof Racks with Board Hire

Looking to make the most of North Devon’s incredible surf spots? When you hire a surfboard from us, we’ll provide you with a roof rack that can be fitted to your car in just two minutes. This means you can easily transport your board and explore all the best beaches in the area. Why not try Saunton Sands, Putsborough or beyond!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate surfing experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect board for your needs, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner. So why wait? Start planning your surfing adventure now!

Croyde Bay Wetsuit Hire

At Croyde Surf Hire, we’re committed to making your surfing experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer a vast selection of warm wetsuits to keep you cozy and comfortable in the water, no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Our most popular wetsuit is the Alder 4’3mm Stealth, which strikes the perfect balance between warmth and flexibility. Designed to fit the majority of people very well, this suit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay warm and comfortable. Plus, with its glued and blind-stitched construction, you can be sure that you’ll be staying even warmer in the water.


Located in the heart of Croyde Bay, Surf Hire Croyde provides hassle-free surfboard rental services with parking right outside. Easy Online Booking for of all levels of surfer. We offer a range of surfboards to suit your needs. Our central location means you’re just a stone’s throw away from the world-famous Croyde, Saunton, and Putsborough beaches. Come and experience the best surfing spots in the UK with Surf Hire Croyde – ‘Life’s better in Croyde Bay’.

Surf Hire Discounts

First I should say, at Croyde Surf Hire you can hire a 7ft Alder Pro2 Soft Surfboard for just £15.00 for the day! Now that’s cost effective!-

We are the creators of the @croyde_surf_link. (View on FB) to view promotions from multiple businesses in Croyde Bay! Don’t miss out on our exclusive special offers and money-saving deals! Whether you’re visiting during peak season or quieter months, we have a variety of promotions to help you make the most of your surf rental experience. Take advantage of our weekly surf hire deals to get the best value for your money. Start planning your perfect surfing adventure today!

About Us

Croyde Surf Hire is a family-run surf shop that has been in operation since 1986. Steve & Sam offer a wide range of surf equipment for hire, including surfboards, wetsuits, bodyboards, and more. They also sell a variety of surfing gear, from wax to leashes to surfboard fins, and everything in between. Lastly, some of you know us for our Love of Volkswagens… Come in a checkout our Vintage VW Sticker Collection!

One of the best things about Croyde Surf Hire is that we cater to all levels of surfers. From complete beginners to experienced surfers. We have a range of surfboards in different shapes and sizes. Try longboards, shortboards, or funboards. You can choose the perfect board for your skill level and the conditions on the day.

Croyde Surf School

If you’re an experienced surfer, or you just prefer to learn on your own, then you don’t necessarily need a surf lesson to enjoy the waves. In fact, hiring equipment from Croyde Surf Hire and hitting the waves solo can be a fun and cost-effective way to experience the thrill of surfing. If Lessons are what you’re looking for then head over to Instagram @croyde_surf_link and view discount codes for our favourite Surf School in Croyde Bay! The discount continues when you come back to us for your hire!

Hiring surf equipment gives you the freedom to explore the waves at your own pace and try out a range of different boards. We offer a variety of surfboards in different shapes and sizes, so you can experiment with what works best for you. Plus, with the option to hire for the day or longer periods, you can get the most out of your surfing experience without breaking the bank.

If it’s your first time…

If it’s your first time ever in the water and you want the best chance to stand up, Try the Glide 8ft! This is the ultimate surfboard for complete beginners looking to catch their first waves in Croyde Bay. This surfboard features a brand new, ultra-wide profile that is specifically engineered to provide a stable and comfortable surfing experience.

Due to its popularity and limited production, we have only a limited number of “The Glide” surfboards available for rental. So, don’t miss the chance to experience this brand new surfboard with its user-friendly design and starting price of just £25.00 per day.

Santa Cruz Apparel

We are the sole location in Croyde Bay for Santa Cruz Clothing. We stock the classic Dot T-Shirt designs as well as the latest Hoodies, Caps and Beanies. Don’t forget to browse the huge selection of stickers in store too! First, check out the Santa Cruz Classic Dot Deigns here. If it’s a Hooded Jumper you’re after than checking out our favourite… The Sage Green Classic

Santa Cruz Skateboards

. Looking for a bargain deal on a skateboard? Look no further than Croyde Surf Shop’s range of discounted Santa Cruz Boards. Always a deal to be had on a Cruiser, longboard or trick deck. Please note: Complete Skateboards are collection only from our store in Croyde Bay. Decks can be shipped at a standard postage rate.

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