‘Wideboy’ Glide 8ft (98 litres!)


  • Volume – Approx 98 litres & Extra Wide
  • Ability – Absolute Beginner (A board with stabilisers!)
  • Dimensions – 8ft x 25″ x 4″
  • Free Add On? – Roof Rack if needed.


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Alder ‘Wide Boy’ Glide Soft Surfboard

The Wide Boy is High Volume at a WHOPPING 98 Litres! It’s like riding a bike with stabilisers!

Introducing “The Glide” – the ultimate surfboard for complete beginners looking to catch their first waves in Croyde Bay. This surfboard features a brand new, ultra-wide profile that is specifically engineered to provide a stable and comfortable surfing experience for those who are new to the sport.

Due to its popularity and limited production, we have only a limited number of “The Glide” surfboards available for rental. So, don’t miss the chance to experience this brand new surfboard with its user-friendly design and starting price of just £25.00 per day.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, “The Glide” is designed to offer an exceptional surfing experience. So, book your rental today and get ready to ride the waves with confidence and ease on this extra-wide surfboard!”

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Free Roof Racks

Exciting news for all surf enthusiasts! In addition to our unbeatable prices on surfboard rentals, we’re now offering FREE soft roof racks with every hire. That’s right – you can now enjoy hassle-free transportation of your surfboard to any beach in the area.

Our friendly staff will even fit the soft roof racks for you while you wait, so you can be on your way to catching waves in no time. No need to worry about finding a car that can accommodate your surfboard or struggling with awkward straps and tie-downs. Our soft roof racks are easy to use and will keep your surfboard safe and secure on the journey to your next surf spot.

With the convenience of our free soft roof racks, you’ll have the freedom to explore and surf every beach in the area with ease. So what are you waiting for? Book your Alder Pro2 Surfboard rental today and take advantage of this amazing offer!

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