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    Croyde Bodyboard Hire 42″

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    Handmade Wooden Bellyboard 48″

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Croyde Surf Hire

HIRE BODYBOARDS – We have long promoted ‘Lifetime’ use Bodyboards. These are boards with a P.E Core. (Not polystyrene) This is what we rent out. We can do this, because of the quality of the board. Instead of breaking up on the first couple of surfs, they last YEARS! Not only that, they surf a whole lot better too!

We offer Fast Online Booking!

When deciding weather or not to Rent or Buy a Bodyboard, please bare in mind where it will end up. If you are not going to buy a P.E Core board (Around £100) Then we’d strongly encourage you to Hire one of ours instead! Surf knowing you are not part of the problem!

Brands We Trust

In our Surf Shop and now also Online, we stock mainly APEX Bodyboards. These come in a range of sizes and each with different cores. Even the EPS Core boards are re-enforced, creating a far better lifespan and user experience. SHOP NOW


Park right outside! Croyde Surf Shop EX331NP

We also hire a HUGE variety of Surfboards. Rent the Alder Pro2, Tiki Grizzly, Croyde’s Pro2, Torq Surfboards, Bics, NSPs, Surf Series and Others! CLICK HERE

New boards arriving all the time! ‘Vision Bodyboards’

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