Hire a Longboard – Bic AceTec 9ft (SAVE £25.00)


  • Price – Summer Special £75.00 Up to 7 Days! (Normally £100.00)
  • Volume75 litres of volume
  • Style – Light Longboard. Summer Cruiser
  • Free Roof Rack Available? – Yes
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Hire a Longboard Bic AceTec 9ft

About 9’0″ Nose Rider Longboard

Designed by the legendary shaper Darrell “Rooster” Dell, the 9’0″ Nose Rider is a longboard that focuses on a more traditional nose riding and old-school style of longboarding. It offers a versatile riding experience and is particularly suited for mid to heavy weight riders.

Key Features:

  • Best mix of performance, lightweight, and durability
  • 30% stronger than traditional surfboards
  • Proven longboard shapes for optimal performance
  • FCS fins for enhanced maneuverability
  • Made in France for quality craftsmanship

Fin Setup:

  • US Center Box + Sides
  • Fin Supplied: FCS 8” + FCS GL

Free Roof Racks

Why not borrow our Free Roof Racks and head over to Saunton Beach? The waves at Saunton are best suited to longer boards. Our staff at Croyde Surf Hire will fit your board to your car free of charge and advise you on where the surf  is looking best on the day!

  • Hassle-free transportation of surfboards to any beach
  • Friendly staff to fit the roof racks while you wait
  • Easy-to-use and secure soft roof racks
  • Explore and surf every beach in the area with ease

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