Softech Rocket Launch 4'6" Torpedo

Softech Rocket Launch 4\'6\" Torpedo

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Is it a Surfboard? Is it a Bodyboard? Is it a Kneeboard? Well it's all of those! It can be ridden stand up by kids (and expert adults). It can be used as a Bellyboard, Bodyboard or Kneeboard - it's longer length and bigger volume means that you'll be able to get all the waves! This is the ultimate Surf Toy with FUN for every member of the family, young and old, big or small. The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun!

Softech Rocket Launch 4'6 Torpedo Soft Surfboard features:


  •  Core: 100% Waterproof EPC
  •  Fin System: Thruster (FCS Softboard System)
  •  Shape: Funboard - Summer Series
  •  Stringers: 3 x Tubular System
  •  Single sided slick
  • Quantity Available for Hire - Just One!
  • Booking Advised! (Colour may vary from image on website)


This super fun shape has lots of area up front for easy paddling, and a tapered outline in the back half of the board for added maneuverability. The thruster fin set-up provides plenty of control through turns. It's a great starter Stand-up board for kids and a great prone Bodyboard for Adults launching off the sand. 

Size Guide

  •  Length: 4'6"
  •  Volume: 35L

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  • Manufactured by: Softech Surfboards