Croyde Bodyboard Hire 42″


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Croyde Bodyboard Hire – It is far better to Hire a bodyboard rather than to buy a cheap throw away product. We’d advise hiring one of our boards at Croyde Surf Shop or purchasing one of our quality bodyboards from our available range here.

Every year THOUSANDS of cheap, nasty bodyboards end up littering the beach, the ocean and landfill. The small balls of polystyrene are eating by the aquatic life and enter the food chain… Guess who eats the fish? The whole thing SUCKS! This is why we strongly recommend hiring a board if you don’t want to invest in a quality bodyboard.

PE Core boards will last a lifetime with proper use. Even under the most advanced rider on the gnarliest of waves! They are typically around the £100 mark but that’s it for life. Every holiday you will have your reliable, well made board. Surf knowing you’ve not contributed to the nightmare of summer holiday, one use bodyboards!

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Watch Sam talk all things bodyboards here! – Croyde Bodyboard Hire!

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