Try Before You Buy

Surfboards.. It's your 24hrs...

Our 'Try Before You Buy' (or 'Demo') Surfboard prices are set for a 24hr period but you are welcome to return to the shop as often as you like and swap boards. Many people try two or three and this gives them a good idea of what they can and can't ride. At the end of the 24 hr hire period you can reclaim your hire fee off the price of one of our new boards. (Most are under £300)

With new shapes and designs coming out all the time, it can be a real problem deciding which board to buy. We discovered a long time ago that the only way to be 100% sure of what to buy, is to actually try the equipment out first. This way you can make a fully informed decision. On top of that we also give top notch advice on what to try.

We also have 'Package Deals' which include Bag and Leash, even a Soft Roof Rack and we always include a couple of bars of Surf Wax to get you started. Check our 'Try Before You Buy' boards here.

Wetsuits.. Something Unique..

Our 'Try Before You Buy' wetsuits are made especially for us by C-Skins. Originally built just for us specifically for our own hire fleet, it wasn't long before our customers were asking to buy them. We now keep stock and we give you one day's hire back plus another £20 discount on our RRP if you decide to buy! You get a brand new (never been pee'd in!) suit with 12 months warranty. The spec is quite unique, more info here.

Bodyboards.. Try and Buy a real one..

Great Britain is awash with cheap nasty polystyrene core'd imitation bodyboards. Hire one of our real 'memory core' boards and we'll credit you with a day's bodyboard hire if you buy one of our Bodyboard Package Deals (which are already discounted because they're 'package deals' right! ) Bodyboard hire details here.

Bulldog Soft Raxs.. Hire money refunded..

We rent these Soft Universal Fit Roof Racks for £3 per day or lend them out free if you rent our boards. In the rare event of you giving us £3 we'll happily refund it if you buy a set. Details of the 3 board version here. Details of the double 6 board version here.

Keypod.. Hire money refunded..

Another popular item and a must with all the dubious characters hanging around car parks these days. We rent these for £3 per day and again we'll happily refund it if you buy one. Details here.

Surf and Save with us...

Surfing is an extremely addictive sport. Compared to many sports it's not even an expensive sport. We have discovered though, over the last 25 years, that people think that by hiring surfgear they are wasting money that could be put towards buying their own.

With 'Try Before You Buy' you can hire, have a good time and walk away or get that money back* on brand new equipment knowing that you have made an informed choice and got the right gear.

*t&c apply