Bic 9'0" Longboard Acetec Surfboard

Super strong and lightweight Ace-Tec Epoxy Construction.

Handling both small waves and pumping swell with style, the Classic Longboard offers both beginners and seasoned noseriders a ride with endless possibilities! No matter if you are looking to hang five, get tubed or perform a roundhouse cutback, the Classic Longboard is with you all the way.
Effortlessly bringing together modern technology with old-school style, our 9’0” will satisfy surfers of all levels. Beginners will appreciate its volume and a forgiving outline, while advanced wave walkers will be impressed with the way it handles pumped up swell and rides sweetly through the high-line into and out of radical sections. Built with the durable ACE-TEC construction, the Classic Longboard will last you many years and through thousands of great surfs!

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Dims - 9ft 0in x 22 1/4in x 2 3/4in - Volume  66Litres - MRW 187lbs




  • Manufactured by: Bic Sport

From: £25.00

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